Discover the Top 5 Hair Color Trends For Summer

July 26, 2023

As seasons change, we often feel the urge to transform dull, winter hairstyles into vibrant, flowing manes of color and fantasy. So, what are the hair color trends of this summer? We are going to take a look at some seductive styles and gorgeous hair colors that transport you and make your hair look healthier and shinier than ever. Want to know which new hair colors you can reference to look stylish and glamorous? We’ll take you through what they are and how to make these looks your most defining feature.



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Top Hair Color Trends For this summer 

  • Copper Hair in All Its Shades

It’s apparent that hair color trends revolve around copper this summer, and copper tones are here to stay. You should highlight the classic light copper tone, Pumpkin Spice, which frames the face and brings a lot of warmth. To reinforce it, you can create dimension and depth by highlighting the top layer of the hair to make it come alive. Let yourself be carried away by the copper tones this summer season and try the new and improved copper shades of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™, with unparalleled shine and vivid color that brings warmth and richness.


  • Black with Chestnut Ombré

As soon as we hear or read the word Ombré we think of a transition from dark roots to blonde tips (#darkroots #brightends) but here we bring you the perfect version of this trend for brunettes for this summer. Whether you’re a natural brunette or want to go to the “dark side”, this look combines very dark color at the top, which then transitions to mid-lengths and ends with an Ombré chestnut. It’s ideal for wavy hairstyles with a part in the middle or for a sleek ponytail or updo.



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  • Multidimensional Brondé 

Classic hair highlighting techniques such as Balayage give dimension and depth to hair. To achieve this multidimensional brondé color, not only do you have to create those highlights but you also have to play with several shades of blondes and browns at the same time. As a base shade, start with a light brown/dark blonde and, on top of it, use the Balayage technique but, this time, complementing light highlights with darker caramel shades. You can even add some areas with copper touches because, as we mentioned, this is the shade of the season and it’s everywhere!



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  • Baby Blonde Hair

This season, let’s dare to take those hair color trends in lighter shades up a notch towards a very platinum blond! The baby blonde hair we are talking about is the true neutral blonde. It’s the queen of platinum shades. As an added feature, you should shade the front strands with the color that best suits each person’s skin tone (either warm or cool) using the Money Piece technique, to frame the face and brighten the hair even more.



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  • Expensive Brunette

Luxuries continue to be hair color trends, so expensive brunette is a big hit with colorists, stylists, and clients. It consists of dark browns with subtle highlights and chocolate shades that create impressive dimensions in your hair. This is a great look for brunettes this season, but if you’ve already worn it, try adding babylights to dazzle and add dimension to your look.


We hope this helps you find the perfect hair color for your clients, so they can turn heads every time they walk down the street! In the meantime, check out our revolutionary Urban Oasis SS22 Collection that’s creating an impact in salons.

Now that you know all the main hair color trends for this summer, you can get started with the Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ color range, which will help you get the best colors. We also invite you to take a look at the Revlon Pro Shop where you can get the best products. If you want to continue learning from our professionals, you can consult our educational platform #AlwaysOn. You already have everything you need to color your clients’ hair this summer, but don’t hesitate to enter our blog to discover new hair trends or all the new colors of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™.

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