October 19, 2020

COLOR IS A JOURNEY, it is what drives us to transform, to live, be and breathe color. Revlonissimo™, a complete ultra-performant professional hair color range that provides reliability, long-lastingness and ultimate shine. True to Revlon’s Professional mission, Revlonissimo™ offers a professional hair color formulated as if it contained a hair mask to deliver unlimited color possibilities with ultimate hair care and shine. We didn’t invent hair color, we just made it better for the hairdressers to create boldly and unleash their talents with passion every day.

COLOR IS YOUR JOURNEY, finding and revealing the essence of your own and true personality. It’s about boosting your creativity with unlimited hair color possibilities, encouraging you to become the best version of yourself, reflecting and bringing forward your own hair color style and personality, so you can also create the best version of your client.

COLOR IS THE JOURNEY, through science, achieving the best color results with ultimate hair care and never-ending shine.

COLOR IS OUR JOURNEY, a force evolving constantly that triggers creating for both hair artists and clients.

Be part of the fastest growing hairdresser community sharing inspiration to boost your own brand. Be part of Revlonissimo The Color Journey™.