Curtain Bangs with Long Hair: What’s the Best Way to Wear Them?

September 13, 2022

During the 60s and 70s curtain bangs became popular. As the name suggests, curtain bangs are long fringe that frames the face. This is a style that suits all types of faces and is one of the most requested in hair salons. Nowadays, you can find it in lots of different versions. There’s no doubt that curtain bangs are trendy, so let’s discover the various styles and some tips on how to get the best curtain bangs for long hair!



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Different Types of Curtain Bangs

When we think of changing a look, we might first think of altering hair color or making a radical cut, but we must keep in mind that with a simple and effective fringe cut we can turn a plain look into a trendy look without losing length! This is where the trend of the season comes in: the curtain bang for long hair that frames the face and eyes in a flattering way. Whether we want to make it longer and textured, fixed with a bit of hairspray like Style Masters™ Must-haves Photo Finisher™, or shorter with a little bit of Style Masters™ Creator Memory Spray™ to add texture, there’s a curtain bang style for everyone. Let’s look at some ideas.



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Curtain Bangs on Long Wavy Hair

This is the most typical style and it looks good on virtually any type of face. It is advisable to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair so that, in the case of an updo, the curtain bangs are the protagonist. Also, as a reference point for cutting, choose below the nose so that the length remains comfortable and flattering to the face. Don’t forget to style the hair with Style Masters ™ AMPLIFIER MOUSSE ™ to add hold and body not just to the curtain bangs but to the entire hair.

60s Style Curtain Bang

With this look we are transported back to the shorter curtain bangs of the 60s. In this case, the reference point will be below the eyes and thinned out to make them more textured at the ends. To get more volume and give that retro look, use Style Masters ™ AMPLIFIER MOUSSE ™ with a round brush and lift the bangs.

Casual Curtain Bangs 

For those who want to wake up and leave the house looking divine, this fringe is ideal. Cut the front with little volume, long (at the height of the cheekbones) and give the bangs texture with Style Masters™ Creator Memory Spray™. Then, run your fingers through them to create that messy but chic look. Easy, right?

Short Curtain Bangs

For a more daring look, start the cut in the center of the forehead above the eyebrows, degrading towards the sides for a more dramatic effect. This is perfect for straight hair or hair that has been styled with Style Masters ™ Lissaver, which you can use to achieve a very polished and shiny effect.

Tips for Creating Curtain Bangs 

It’s time to get down to work! Cutting bangs is not easy, but with these simple tips, you will be able to create a great look and give it the freshness and fun we are all looking for.

1. Dry Cut

Whether you are a professional hairdresser or you want to do this yourself at home, the most important tip is to do it with dry hair. If you wash it beforehand, blow dry it forward so that it falls naturally on the forehead.

2. Parting and Sectioning

Make the part in the center of the head and, starting in the center, part the hair towards the temples or eyebrows. This will result in a triangle of hair that you will bring towards the forehead.

3. Scissors at the Ready 

Let’s cut! As a tip, start the first cut at the chin so you don’t cut more than you’d like. When you feel comfortable with the length (mouth, cheekbones, nose or eyes), move on to the fringe. Divide the triangle in two and take each section to the opposite side to cut only the ends. Once this is done, comb your new bangs forward again and texturize them with vertical cuts of two or three fingers so that they blend in with the rest of the hair.

4. To Style or Not to Style

The curtain bang offers freedom when styling. As we have seen, there are many ways to wear this look, so enjoy trying different ways of styling it, like straight or wavy, with more volume or flat ironed, and welcome to the world of bangs!

Creating a curtain bang for long hair is a way to give dynamism to a look, without an extreme change. With our range, StyleMasters, you can shape your new bangs and style them as you like. To buy our entire range of products, you can go to Revlon Pro Shop. You can also consult our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, where our professionals will give you new tips and techniques to create looks that will delight your clients. Also, combine these bangs with the long hair trends for 2022 to stay on top of everything.


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