Introduce the Hair Clip Trend at Your Salon with These 5 Style Ideas

August 16, 2022

What was once a trend in the 90s is back with renewed strength today. Hair clips are back to give our hairstyles a cool touch that others will want to copy. Nowadays, there are hair clips with much more colorful and avant-garde shapes, so they can be worn both to go to the office and to go out and have a drink with friends. We’re sharing the best ideas to create a look for any occasion!



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Create Different Styles with Hair Clips 

Hair clips are great when it comes to removing hair from the face, either for convenience or to give a chic touch to your hairstyle. Whether you have long hair or very short hair, you can use hair clips to decorate your mane in multiple ways so that you feel beautiful and stand out. 

Business Casual

Waking up and going to work requires a quick and comfortable hairstyle that enhances your look. For long hair (either straight, curly, or wavy) part hair according to your preferred style, and place the hair clip on both sides diagonally from the ear. This is an easy and simple way to leave the house quickly while looking put together. If you opt for a ponytail or low bun, you can use a clip (with pearls or rhinestones perhaps) to give a touch of dynamism. It also never hurts to add some shine with Style Masters™ Must-haves Glamourama™.


Feminine and Chic

In this case, less is more. Add small clips to loose hair in combination with floral accessories. Hold your hair to one side and place them scattered across the side to create a sophisticated hairstyle that will enhance your look. This look can be worn for virtually any occasion, just don’t forget to keep it in place with Style Masters™ Must-haves Photo Finisher™.


Edgy and Cool

Want something more striking? On social media you can see clips with words or phrases that define a look or even a personality. There are many who transmit their moods through their hairstyles and even their clips. Boost your hair with Style Masters ™ Lissaver, create a root braid as a headband, and add a big clip on the side that makes a statement. Total runway look and instant crush!

Boho and Romantic

If you have a date and want to be dressed up but also not too formal, an essential touch that brings sweetness and sensuality is to place one or two clips in the hair on the side near the ear, and let some strands of hair fall subtly down. 

Elegant Bridal

The most elegant clips are for the most important occasions. Use decorative clips and barrettes with glitter or vines that weave through wavy hair for those updos that require a more pronounced highlight. After volumizing the hair with Style Masters ™ Volume Elevator Spray ™, create waves with a curling iron. Then twist some strands towards the occipital and secure them with a large clip. Add highlights with small clips with rhinestones to finish this look.


Hair Clip Tips 

Clip placement is one of the most important things when it comes to this trend. The most commonly used reference points are above the ear if you opt for loose hair, the occipital in the back of the head if you want to collect more hair, or distributing small clips throughout the hair. You should always do what most enhances your look and your face.

Whether going to work or to a special event, the number of clips you use depends on how styled you want to look on each occasion. Give free rein to your imagination! If you are working with thick hair, take small strands of hair and then place the clips. If your hair is thinner, grab thicker strands and then place the clips throughout. 

Combine the hair clips trend with the best styles for 2022 and your clients will be sure to look great! Additionally, with Style Masters™ you will be able to fix all your looks and make them last all day long. You can buy this line and many more at our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. You can also access our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to learn new techniques or perfect those you already know.

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