Layered Hairstyles: 5 Different Looks for You to Choose From

September 27, 2022

Different Layered Hairstyles

It’s a fact: the layered hairstyle is more fashionable than ever and hairdressing professionals must be prepared because it will be requested in salons, so you should offer multiple options to each client. This look can be combined with just about any outfit from any era and demonstrate personality and boldness. Don’t miss out on the latest trends in layered hairstyles and the chance to create amazing, timeless haircuts that will become your trademark. Don’t forget to add a touch of color!



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Hair with layered cuts has dimension, volume, and movement. It’s a look with a lot of vitality! Adding layers makes thick hair lighter, more angular faces softer with layers in mid-lengths, and fine hair takes on more shape and personality, especially with short haircuts. Let’s take a look at 5 layered hairstyles that will make a splash this season.

Curly Shag Balayage

This is the layered hairstyle that everyone should know for curly hair. Cut the hair dry to see the shape and how the curls move by using the curved cut technique. Define the bangs in the front, visually connecting them to the sides. For color, take diagonal zigzag sections all over the head and create soft highlights with the Balayage technique by applying Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 9 to 10vol. Finish the look by layering it with the Style MastersTM Must Haves Modular Mousse™.

Long Layered Look

For long hair, a textured, layered cut is ideal for pronounced waves. Cut the layers from short to long, gently sliding your scissors and always texturizing the ends to achieve a natural transition. Create a triangular section in the front and divide it into two parts. Then cut in the opposite direction at 45 degree angle using the slide cut technique, but without connecting it to the sides. To complete this look, apply Style Masters ™ Volume Elevator Spray ™ at the roots to give extra volume, drying the waves to enhance their natural texture.

Long layered hairstyles

LOB Brunette Balayage

The hairstyle is created by making a central section and a radial section, and first cutting the perimeter with the pointcut technique. The layers will be done at the top to take weight off the hair perpendicular to the head, using the same cutting technique. To enhance this look, it is ideal to apply the #brunettebalayage technique that we teach you in detail on our education platform. Apply Style Masters ™ AMPLIFIER MOUSSE ™ on damp hair for body and volume without weighing it down.

Diamond Pixie Cut with Layers

If a client is looking for a major change, the layered pixie style can be a great option. Define the nape of the neck and make the sides very short, creating layers at the top. If the hair is very fine, avoid texturizing it. However, with thicker hair you should go for it. Move the bangs to the most flattering side and cut them with the slide cut technique. For an even more dramatic change, bleach the hair to a base 10 and shade with .012 Diamond from Color Excel Gloss for a 3D effect, adding touches of color as desired. Apply Style Masters™ Creator Memory Spray™ for flexible styling.



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Mullet Hair

It’s time to get carried away and create lots of layers in the hair, disconnecting the bangs from the long strands on the sides. Let your imagination run wild with color, play with blonde balayage or #bronzite shades that enhance this layered hairstyle. Here are some more ideas for incomparable styling. We recommend using the dry shampoo, Style Masters™ Double or Nothing Reset™, to achieve unparalleled volume and prolong the time between washes.



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How to Create a Great Layered Hairstyle

A good professional hairdresser has to know how to create layers in any hair. Let’s take a look at the essential step-by-step to consistently get good results.

Identify the Hair Type

To start, it is essential to know what type of hair you are working with. Is it fine or thick? Straight, wavy, or curly? For curlier hair, for example, do the cut dry to avoid surprises when layering. This way you will see how it behaves during the cut. Thinner hair should be carefully layered to give it volume instead of removing it at the ends. Be careful!

Sectioning Is Essential 

Good sectioning prior to cutting the hair into layers is almost as important as knowing how to handle the scissors. Ideally, you should have seven well-defined sections to work with. Here is how to do it.

Layer the Hair 

It’s time to take the scissors and define the layers. Depending on the chosen hair length and texture, you will proceed in different ways. On short hair, cut very close to the head, varying the inclination of your fingers between 90 and 45 degrees. On long hair, you can cut the hair at almost any angle you want. On straight hair, the layers should be done in parallel to give more volume and, on curly hair, remember to cut the layers dry.



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Now that you know how to create the best layered hairstyles, take a look at the best styles of 2022. With Style Masters™,  you can give the perfect finish to all these looks and make them last throughout the day. You can buy this line and many more in our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. If you are already a customer, you can access to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for clients only), to learn new techniques and perfect those you already know.


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