How To Master the Denim Hair Trend

February 7, 2022

As time goes by, our favorite nostalgia-inducing trends eventually find their way back to us—freshly revived and better adapted for modern styles. And undoubtedly one of the biggest style comebacks recently has been 90s-inspired looks, especially denim! The denim trend that’s so huge right now extends far beyond just your favorite pair of jeans—denim hair is now a trend all on its own! And you’ll want to know how to perfectly master this blue-hued hair color trend for your clients who are ready to explore the world of denim-inspired hair! Read on to learn our top tips and tricks for achieving denim-colored hair that looks as effortlessly cool as that throwback 90s denim.


What Is Denim Hair?

Understanding the denim hair color trend is just as easy as it sounds. This color technique uses the laidback shades of blue we commonly find in denim fabrics as inspiration for the gorgeous, blue-colored shades that are now being seen everywhere in salons. If your client is in the mood for a change, denim hair is one super-flattering trend you absolutely have to recommend! However, whereas throwing on a distressed denim jacket may be a breeze, achieving denim-inspired hair isn’t always quite so straightforward.

That’s why, for your denim-loving clients, it’s important to explain that since blue is not naturally present in hair coloring, you’ll need to first bleach the hair in order to bring out those gorgeous blue tones. This may be more of an undertaking for clients with darker base colors and require more frequent trips to the salon. By working with a color professional, it’s possible to find the best shade of denim-inspired color to flatter your client’s skin tone and style.

What Are the Most Popular Shades of Denim Hair?

If your client is ready to mix it up with an ultra-trendy, denim-inspired new look, the next step is to decide which shade will make the perfect choice for them. Here are some of the most popular shades of denim hair color to help inspire you.


This grayish-blue hue creates an overall metallic look. It’s the perfect denim-colored hair shade for clients starting off with white, silver, or gray hair. Stonewash denim also goes well with both straight and curly hair and is complementary on all skin types. If your client has a love of silver-toned hair, this shade is the ultimate choice for them!


Indigo denim is the perfect shade for those who are not yet ready to try bright, bold, fantasy-inspired colors. As a darker, more subdued shade, indigo really shines on naturally dark hair and on darker skin tones. This hue also works brilliantly at illuminating paler skin by creating a beautiful contrast between the client’s hair and skin tone.

Acid Wash

Out of all your denim-loving shades, acid wash denim is the palest option. It fares best on lighter skin tones and can be achieved by creating a combination of pastel blue and white shades. You can pre-lighten the hair until it is practically white, using a balayage technique (which is best done using your MAGNETTM product range). On top of this, you can apply this very pale shade of pastel blue to create a marvelous magnetic effect.


Mermaid dreams come to life with this stunning, fantasy-inspired blue color. To achieve real-life mermaid hair, you’ll want to add lots of highlights to the hair (at least two shades to create depth), and then—using creativity as your guide—you’ll intersperse the denim hair shade you like best using the 55.20 shade from Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ Tone on Tone, and voilà!



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Tips To Master Denim-Inspired Hair Color

As we mentioned before, to achieve your unforgettable denim hair look, the first thing you need to do is choose the best technique for the individual. This can be either ombré hair—such as going from dark at the roots to blue at the ends—or lightening the hair completely and applying the denim shade all over the hair. Whichever coloring technique you ultimately choose, it’s important to always add hair protectants. We recommend our Magnet™ Ultimate Technical Additive, which protects and captures metals for an optimal color that lasts much longer. Spacing out washes will also help the color last and keep it looking its very best.



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How To Care for Denim Hair Color

When coloring denim hair, it’s best to also recommend some changes to the client’s care and maintenance routine. With the right professional advice and products, keeping that denim-colored hair looking flawless and fresh will be a piece of cake.

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masks

Nourishing products for color-treated hair are definitely a must when it comes to keeping your denim hair looking nice and shiny. We recommend trying a purple shampoo, like RE/START COLOR Strengthening Purple Cleanser, to help balance the scalp’s microbiome, while keeping the color vibrant and neutralizing unwanted yellow tones. Additionally, if you add a few drops of RE/START™ Color Anti-Brassiness Purple Drops, the end result is bound to be spectacular.

Color Baths

Whether in the salon or at home, we recommend Nutricolor Filters™ to help care for the color and shine of your denim hair. Try mixing the shade 190 of Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters with Nutri Color™ Filters Mixing Filters: Clear with a 1:1 ratio to make your color really shine.

Cutting and Styling

The right cutting and styling techniques are essential for any hair color change in hair. The hair should be cut neatly to remove split ends. As for styling, try to avoid heat! Let denim hair be, let it have its own personality, and shine on its own!


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