Bixie Haircut Guide: How to Get and Style This Chic Look

December 19, 2023

Bixie Inspirations 

2023 has witnessed the resurgence of the Bixie haircut, and it’s not just a fleeting celebrity trend. Whether your clients are inclined towards a sleek and classic look or prefer a more rebellious, textured appearance, the Bixie haircut is a great choice. If you haven’t already seen a rise in requests for this chic and relatively low-maintenance haircut at your salon then it’s time to get prepared! 

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

The Bixie haircut is a hybrid style that combines the best elements of a short bob with the texture of a pixie cut. It typically features shorter layers at the nape of the neck with a slight graduation and then longer, more textured layers towards the crown and fringe. This hairstyle can create a modern and edgy look, depending on how you style it. The rounded crown area also provides the illusion of volume and movement, giving it a glamorous touch.



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Bixie vs. Pixie: What’s the Difference?

You might be wondering if this is just a grown-out pixie cut. The straightforward answer is no. The bixie cut combines the fullness and added length of a short bob. What truly sets this style apart are the tapered and textured shorter layers at the nape of the neck and longer, longer textured layers towards the crown, and a lengthier fringe. This blend of a cropped bob and customized fringe gives the style a modern and edgy appeal while retaining femininity. It offers more room for personalization and greater length compared to a traditional pixie cut.

Is the Bixie Haircut Right for Your Client?

To determine whether a Bixie haircut is the right choice for your client, consider their hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Hair Type: Bixie haircuts work well for a variety of hair types, from straight to wavy or curly. However, the amount of texture and layering required may vary depending on the client’s natural hair texture.
  • Face Shape: The Bixie can be customized to flatter various face shapes. For round faces, adding more volume on top can create a more elongated appearance. On the other hand, clients with oval or heart-shaped faces may prefer more balanced layers with a slightly textured fringe to soften the face. For best results, do the fringe area last and cut this dry so that you can create the perfect bespoke shaping around your client’s face.
  • Lifestyle: The Bixie is a versatile cut that can be as low-maintenance or high-maintenance as your client desires. It’s a great option for those who want a stylish yet easy-to-maintain mid to short haircut that can suit all hair types.


Achieving the Perfect Bixie Haircut

Once you’ve chosen the Bixie haircut for your client, it’s time to bring that perfect look to life. Follow these steps to achieve a flawless Bixie:

  • Consultation: Begin with a thorough consultation to understand your client’s preferences and expectations. Discuss the length, layers, and styling options.
  • Color: To really personalize the Bixie haircut, consider recommending some color for a pop of brightness or adding an all over gloss to give some additional shine.
  • Preparation: Start with clean hair. Section the hair below the occipital bone and use your favorite scissors to create a clear outline foundation for your Bixie. We recommend leaving the hair a ½  inch longer to have more options to texturize once it is dry.
  • Layering: The key to a Bixie is the layering. Gradually blend the base up to the crown area to connect the shorter layers with the longer ones at the crown. Customize the fringe area and layering based on your client’s face shape.
  • Texturing: Use texturizing techniques to add movement and volume to the hair. This step is crucial for achieving the desired Bixie look.
  • Styling: After the cut, prep with care and styling products that are tailored to your client’s hair type and desired look. If they want a sleek and polished appearance, opt for the Style Masters™ Smooth Iron Guard™. To encourage curls or coils, we recommend RE/START™ Curls Defining Cream. To seal the look, finish with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular™.
  • Maintenance: To maintain a Bixie cut, we recommend getting a trim every 6-12 weeks. 

Marketing the Bixie Haircut in Your Salon

Understanding the Bixie haircut is just the beginning. To truly make the most of this chic and versatile style, you’ll need to know how to market it effectively in your salon. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Visual Prominence: When marketing the Bixie, it’s crucial to showcase it visually. Ensure that you have high-quality images and visuals of different Bixie styles available for your clients to see. These visuals can be displayed in your salon and shown as a before and after in the salon during a consultation.


  1. Social Media Presence: Social media is a powerful tool for marketing the Bixie haircut. Post before and after images, use relevant hashtags, and encourage your clients to share their Bixie transformations. A picture is worth a thousand words and potential clients will be drawn to the style when they see it.
  2. Bixie Workshops: Hosting Bixie workshops in your salon can be an excellent marketing strategy. Invite clients to learn more about the style, its versatility, and how it can be customized to suit their preferences. Since this look is relatively quick to style and dry, it’s an ideal choice for offering as a model during styling sessions and in-house demonstrations. This allows you to showcase the Bixie’s potential and the skills of your stylists.

Now that you have been inspired by the Bixie haircut , it’s time to continue expanding your cut and color knowledge and expertise! Check out Revlon Professional’s 24/7 e-learning platform, #RevlonProAlwaysOn (for clients only), and don’t forget that you can order all your pro products on our online shop, Revlon Proshop.


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