Why Are Celebrities Switching to Copper Hair Color?

July 5, 2022

With changing seasons come new celebrity styles! And in summer 2022 the number one choice is copper hair color. This new trend started with an unexpected change on model Gigi Hadid, who stepped out with a beautiful, dark copper color last fall and since then, the copper catwalk has not stopped. Kendall Jenner at Milan Fashion Week, Zendaya, the TikTok community, and many more have shown off the rich look that well-executed copper hair color brings. Do you dare to embrace it? Let’s take a look at how to achieve the ideal copper hair color.



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What Is Copper Hair Color?

We could sum it up in one word: warm. But since we like to know more (and we know you do too) let’s review what copper hair color is. It’s the warmest range of hair colors, going from the most coppery, through orangey reds to ‘dangerous’ reds. The copper tones enhance the more daring blondes with strawberry tones and give brown and brunette tresses more reddish orange highlights. Hairdressers love playing with these copper shades, and mixing them together to give each person’s hair a warm, bright, and fresh look.


How to Get the Perfect Copper Hair Color?

As color professionals, you need to be familiar with copper ranges and shades. The new Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Permanent Hair Color Coppers offers 12 different shades that will help you achieve the perfect copper hair with sophisticated, true-to-tone augmented color results.

  • 43 Medium Copper Golden Blonde
  • 04 Light Natural Copper Blonde
  • 4 Light Copper Brown
  • 4 Dark Copper Blonde
  • 4 Medium Copper Blonde
  • 4 Light Copper Blonde
  • 44 Medium Intense Copper Blonde
  • 40 Intense Copper
  • 40 Intense Light Copper
  • 46 Dark Copper Red Blonde
  • 45 Medium Copper Mahogany Blonde
  • 45 Light Copper Mahogany Blonde

If you want to offer your clients a “cleaner” option that is ammonia-free, vegan, and formulated with natural oils, you can use the shades from our Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ Color & Care range.

As color experts, you have to be bold and choose the ideal shade for each person. You can even mix several shades to achieve an inimitable copper hair color that becomes the hallmark of your salon.

For cooler and/or lighter skin tones, you should opt for more orange copper colors, which illuminate and enhance the natural beauty of this type. If your client also has green eyes, you can create highlights that revive and give dimension to their hair, creating a copper style that will delight and enchant.

In warmer and/or darker skin tones, you can play with more reddish colors that have a tendency to slightly darken the tone of the hair. Do not hesitate to combine several copper colors in the same style and even work with three copper tones to create color effects with dimension. These are created by combining several copper shades. The results, in addition to providing extreme warmth, can lead your clients to be mistaken for Halle Bailey


Why Is Copper Hair So Popular?

Copper hair is taking this season by storm. The reason? This shade is especially flattering and is naturally found in many hair colors. Their warmth brings as much light as it does depth and that, dear reader, is something you should always strive for. There is always a perfect copper hair color waiting around the corner. Celebs are always advised by the best hair stylists who attend to every minute detail of their hair, skin, eyes, etc., to execute a flawless color service. Although maintenance requires patience and control, copper hair color is very easy to create, another important reason for its triumph! So what are you waiting for, go to the copper side!

As hairdressing professionals, you must advise clients on how to maintain color at home and, with Nutricolor Filters™, color and hair condition can be restored in just 3 minutes. In addition, these color magnifying filters add shine and seal the hair cuticle, nourishing copper hair easily and effectively. And thanks to the provitamin B5 and ionic pigments, the color will look fresh and shiny like on the first day.

To get the perfect copper hair color, you only need the Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Permanent Hair Color Coppers or Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ vegan permanent hair color products. Plus on our Revlon Pro Shop website, you will find many more products to leave your clients happy. Remember that you can always turn to our educational platform #AlwaysOn to keep learning about copper hair color techniques. Continue to discover new ways to highlight hair color with these 9 gorgeous hair highlighting ideas for 2022 or discover the new deep naturals & ashy hair tones by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™.


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