Wear your Root Melt Balayage and colorful hair with joy, our latest collection

September 1, 2021


It’s a proven fact: joy improves our emotional wellbeing, boosts our self-esteem, reduces stress, increases performance, helps us sleep better, rejuvenates and repairs us. Happiness is enjoyable, infectious and… fashionable! Revlon Professional® and its essential team of pros have made it easy for you to reap the benefits of happiness and radiate the enthusiasm of the upcoming season with the JOY COLLECTION. It celebrates the power of color to create more personalized hair looks in less time with long-lasting finishes full of character to express your personality. This hairstyle collection is inspired by the need to reinvent ourselves and give us that little moment of joy and, now more than ever, boost our positive energy levels. This season’s hottest hair trends radiate a sense of euphoria and fun while helping us rediscover our vitality and enthusiasm for life.

As we prepare to hit this fall-winter 21/22 ramp up your natural glow with modern and sharply defined haircuts with attitude. Ever-sensual and ever-flattering long locks are being reinvented with multiple layers to put an extra bounce in your step. Without a doubt, the most inspiring element this season is color, because it has the power to transform and lift our spirits. Discover more on how the Revlon Professional® brand taps the creative power of women with this collection.


If you’re always up for a change and want to give yourself a more inclusive and open look, this is the style for you. This versatile look with #darkroots and #brightends is simple, yet, the color adds some punch and an extra dollop of fun. It is a perfect look for independent women who enjoy new opportunities and know how to find the silver lining in every cloud.

Pink root melt balayage

The season’s novelty is a joyful and highly expressive short haircut with bangs that can be styled in different ways and in which the key is color. This texturized haircut has razored areas for a sharp definition that adds plenty of attitude and a trendy cutting-edge feel. A joyful pink orchid hair color and dark roots with a fade technique complete the look and allow hair to grow without the need for constant touch-ups. The #darkroots trend helps you keep it natural with dark bases that go perfectly with the season and upgrades ends with lively, and vibrant metallic tones to create intensity. In the #brightends line, the unusual combinations of Orchid Flower, Magma Orange, and Electric Magenta tones step up to take over from sweet pinks and give you a break from the ordinary for a luxurious look you can afford.


If you want a new look without losing your signature style, a risk-free change, and you only visit the hair salon for pleasure, then the #meltedbalayage trend is right up your alley. This season, we’re all about ultra-long tresses with layers and natural textures that add volume to your hair. With waves or curls, bangs of different lengths, part or no part, long hair will shave years off your look without spending hours in front of a mirror.

Pink root melt balayage

Joyful shag haircuts are back to revitalize us with their extra-fluid finesse that’s all the rage. We love them because they softly frame the face and let us play with super stylish details. An infallible new color reminds us that blondes are always the life of the party and for that reason, softer and purer pale blondes inspired by natural substances have become the hottest trend. Add the hint of glamor and positivity you’ve been looking for with raw hair colors, they are warm and extremely flattering.

Do not hold back and ramp up your natural glow with a hint of color or add a twist to your go-to look with our Joy Collection. We created a #meltedbalayage and a #darkroots #brightends look that suggest freedom and expression for you to enjoy and radiate enthusiasm. If you are already a client, learn how to recreate these two styles full of versatility and joy on the e-learning platform #AlwaysOn, if you have not subscribed yet, you can do it here: https://www.revlonproalwayson.com/ and get full access to the tutorials. You’ll love the looks if you’ve already realized that optimism is chic.

Contact your sales rep now and find out more about the Collection and the techniques!

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