Share a Wish These Holidays with Revlon Professional

November 28, 2022

These holidays, Revlon Professional wanted to reach out to you, our Revlon Pro community, to share our brand new 360º campaign that starts in digital all the way to the salons and back! Our vision is to give everyone the chance to send and receive a festive wish!

We know that holiday traditions come in all shapes and forms but receiving a thank you note or a greeting card that has an inspiring or thoughtful message can really lift someone’s day! It’s a very busy and physically demanding time of year for stylists and clients alike, so we wanted to show some love to everyone in the salon and also give you the opportunity to reach out to your clients to share the love. This is our version of secret Santa, so the fun part is that these messages can be anonymous and not addressed to anyone in particular. Our aim is to fill this season with joy and optimism! We will be working hard to ensure that our elves get as many wishes as possible this year so they can be sent and received by our community. We hope you can join our #RevlonProShareAWish

Share a wish card

Give Your Loved Ones a Positive Message

Sending your festive message could not be easier! Just send your note and this wish will magically (well digitally) wing its way to our elves who will gather them and will randomly assign each person a wish from someone else. These messages can be festive, positive, or just a thoughtful note to lift someone’s spirits. Just think about what you would like to hear and then type it in the comment box and send it off! We believe that it doesn’t take a huge gesture or gift to make someone smile so, no matter what you say, we are sure our Revlon Pro community will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. 

How to Participate

You can easily participate online or in the salon! The best thing is that this can be open to your clients too. We have created several Revlon Pro greeting cards for salons to download. Just head to the “empowered section” of our website, where you can easily download a range of template cards that have a festive wish with an empty section on the back to fill in. We recommend that you place the cards on your reception desk so that your clients and staff alike can access them easily. This will encourage clients to participate in writing a wish and picking up another one from the previous client.

Each physical card will include a hashtag to share the wish online as well. Make sure this happens so that we can spread the message to the whole community! To join online, on Instagram find our ‘Share a Wish’ highlight, leave your anonymous wish on the question box in our stories and spread the joy! This will showcase that your salon has contributed, which can really help build a community and share the festive spirit .

We hope you are all as excited as we are to send and receive these festive wishes, so don’t miss out! Keep an eye on the Revlon Professional socials so you can see all the gathered wishes and join the community in this fun process. We will be sharing all of the most positive wishes once the process ends, so you may see yours featured!

As ever, we can’t thank our Revlon Pro community enough for all the support we receive and for helping us build the fastest growing community. If you are not part of it yet, come and join us by heading to Revlon Professional®. You can also gain access to our free 24/7 educational platform RevlonProAlwaysOn, where you can learn new trends, get business advice, and download more banners and promotional material to help clients easily recognize your services! We wish you all a festive and fun holiday season!


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