Pink Hair Dye Ideas To Offer in Your Salon

November 4, 2021

Pink hair is undoubtedly one of those on-trend styles that everyone wants to try. So, what’s keeping some clients from taking the plunge into a pink-inspired hairstyle? Trying a bold new color for the first time can be pretty intimidating, to say the least, and it’s up to you as the color professional to help make that journey to beautiful pink strands as exciting and stress-free as possible.

To get the best pink-toned look for your clients, it’s essential to know which shade of pink will best suit their skin tone, hair type, and of course, their unique personality! Pink packs a lot of punch and it’s bound to make your client’s hair the center of attention. If done properly, pink hairstyles can be customized to perfectly highlight the natural beauty of any client looking for an exciting, bold new look. Ahead, we’re covering the best pink hair dye trends and styles to recommend to your pink-loving clients.

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Orchid Pink Hair: A Top Trend in 2021

For any colorist in need of some inspiration, welcome to this year’s biggest pink hair color trend: orchid pink. This gorgeous color embodies the vivid, deep pink color of an orchid flower, with unmistakable vibrance and depth. The bright pink color of this shade makes an instant statement and complements very short hairstyles that are blunt, with very defined strands. It’s the perfect match for bubbly personalities that radiate happiness.

To make this vibrant pink color really shine on its own, try using the #darkroots and #brightends technique! This technique is created by first lightening to create an ombré effect, and then applying the .821 shade of Revlonissimo ColorsmetiqueTM Satinescent to the roots, followed by the color intensifier 900 from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Pure Colors Mixing Techniques, mixed with the shades C20 and C50 from Revlonissimo™ Cromatics. And voilà: enjoy a breathtaking orchid pink color! For an edgier result, separate the front of the hair and apply the same shade as the roots.


Pastel Pink, Baby Pink, and Light Pink Hair

As a color professional, you already know that skin tone plays a huge role in the types of color shades you choose for your clients. When it comes to baby pink, light pink, or pastel pink hair dye, these same cardinal rules apply. For example, pastel pink tones are usually seen as ideal choices for lighter skin tones. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Light Skin Tones

Pastel shades help deliver a soft warmth to these complexions, since there is no sharp contrast between the hair color and skin tone. To achieve this soft pastel look, it’s important to lighten the client’s hair without leaving any traces of yellow or orange tones behind. Next, you can apply the desired pastel shade and tone as needed.



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Medium Skin Tones

If your client’s skin tone is somewhere in the medium range, you may be able to experiment with a range of shades from the very trendy rose gold to baby pink and hot pink hair. Play around with different shade options to find what will be most flattering for your client. You can also create different highlights with pink hues using the popular balayage technique to really bring your look to life. Capture your client’s personality by creating “feathers” at the ends of their hair for a truly unforgettable pink hairstyle.


Dark Skin Tones

For darker tones, choose from an exciting mix of bold pink shades, from metallic pinks to light pinks or even rich magenta tones with a hint of copper. Whatever shade you choose, be sure to listen closely to your client’s desired result to choose shades that fit their preferences and best complement their complexion. The goal is to turn all heads in the room towards their gorgeous new pink strands!



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Remember: To achieve any of these pink shades, the hair must always be lightened beforehand. This applies to both light pink and dark pink hair. If you try to dye natural hair pink without bleaching first, you will not be able to get the desired color (especially for pastel pinks). Lightening the hair beforehand ensures that the pink color comes out as bright and beautiful as possible. The lighter the shade of pink, the lighter the hair should be.

Pink Ombre Hair: Always in Style

Another of the most popular pink hairstyles (and one that is also very on-trend) is pink ombré hair. This style features a sharp gradient that goes from a dark tone at the roots (usually the client’s natural hair color) gradually into a pink color that goes from mid-length towards the ends. This popular style can be achieved by first bleaching the hair from mid-lengths to ends using the ombré technique (#darkroots and #brightends), and then applying the chosen pink shade (or shades) to complete the look. For instance, try using Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Pure Colors Mixing Techniques at 10 vol. in shades 600 and 900 as the perfect way to give your client’s pink ombré hair volume and really bring it to life.


Pink and Blue Hair: Amazing Multicolor Looks

And last but not least, it’s time to bring joy to your client’s hair with amazing, fantasy-inspired multicolor looks! Add a pop of even more color to your pink hairstyle by mixing in additional combinations of purples and blues. This rainbow style is perfect for the client who wants to stand out from the crowd, with hair as unique as they are.

To create this style, we recommend beginning by bleaching the hair using a balayage technique, and play around with multiple volumes, where the hair does not have to be lightened equally throughout. After achieving a nice gradient, apply the shades 600 from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Pure Colors Mixing Techniques at 10 vol. and .919 from Revlonissimo ColorsmetiqueTM Satinescent. Mix and apply to the hair to create beautiful pink, blue, and purple hair with many shades. This type of bold, multicolored look is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity as a hair colorist, and really allow your talent to shine.



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