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Pro You™ Care

The essence of your hair.

Pro You™ is the ideal choice for salons that seek professional formulas with guaranteed performance and reliable results. It is a comprehensive range that includes need-specific shampoos and treatments in convenient, salon-sized and retail formats.

Pro You™ Care

Anti-Hair Loss

Expert anti-hair loss treatment.
Specifically formulated to help strengthen and revitalize the hair and boost healthy, vigorous growth.

Pro You™ Care

Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Triple action anti-hair loss treatment that prevents premature loss and leaves the hair thicker and stronger. Restructures and regenerates the hair, strengthens the follicles and balances the scalp’s oil and pH levels.

Available in 12 x 6ml.

Pro You™ Care

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

A shampoo specially designed to treat weak hair and cases of partial hair loss or balding. Its delicate tensioactive formula cleans the hair gently, protecting and maintaining the scalp’s natural balance.

Helps to prolong hair life and strengthens the hair shaft, encouraging stronger, healthier growth.

Available in 350ml.