December 3, 2021

The holiday season is around the corner, and as usual, clients visit the salon to get their hair ready for the festivities. Some are in search of a peaceful time in the middle of holiday preparations, and others are pampering themselves while still looking for the perfect gift. For that and many other reasons, we recommend that you have the most demanded Revlon Professional® hair gift sets in stock, they are a great gift idea and an opportunity to try several products while doing an at-home treatment with professional hair salon results. We invite you to stock up on all of our sets and guide your clients on the ideal selection for their hair type and needs, they might become a must in their everyday hair care routine.


Revlon Professional®

Our favorite Revlon Professional® Equave™ hair gift sets are functional and easy-to-use; they detangle hair at the speed of light without pulling or breakage. The Revlon Professional® Equave™ Pro Kit is the complete gift set, which includes the  Revlon Professional® Equave™ Instant Detangling Micellar Shampoo & the Revlon Professional® Equave™ Instant Detangling Conditioner for normal to dry hair, the perfect duo for smooth and manageable hair. If your clients are conditioner lovers and their biggest fear is running out of it, they will become a huge fan of the Revlon Professional® Equave™ Instant Detangling Conditioner hair gift set without a doubt, which includes two instant detangling conditioners for normal to dry hair.

Last but not least, at Revlon Professional® we never forget about the little ones, and how important it is to take care of everyone’s hair from an early age. Discover the Revlon Professional® Equave™ Kids hair gift set, which includes the Revlon Professional® Equave™ Kids Conditioning Shampoo and Revlon Professional® Equave™ Kids Detangling Conditioner with a green apple fragrance that will make bath time an even more enjoyable moment. Revlon Professional® Equave™ pampers the hair of your entire family!


Revlon Professional®

Our UniqOne™ hair treatment is one of the most demanded and popular products among clients. This multi-benefit leave-in hair treatment can be applied on dry or wet hair and offers 10 real benefits that none of your clients will be able to resist:

  1. Repairs dry & damaged hair
  2. Strengthens & reduces breakage
  3. Conditions & detangles
  4. Controls frizz
  5. Moisturizes instantly
  6. Provides heat protection
  7. Boosts shine & protects color
  8. Improves softness & manageability
  9. Helps to prevent split ends
  10. Refreshes hairstyle

Discover our UniqOne™ Celebration hair gift set, which includes both options, the classic Uniqone™ Hair Treatment (150ml) and the Uniqone™Hair Treatment Celebration Edition (50ml) with a new irresistible fragrance with a design that calls out for a festivity of superb hair, perfect for the holiday season. For clients who will be traveling much to visit their family and friends, the UniqOne™ Travel Size set which includes the Uniqone™ All In One Shampoo (100ml) and the Hair Treatment Celebration Edition (50ml), is excellent for practical and lightweight baggage without leaving the professional results behind. Encourage your clients to spend more precious time with their loved ones this season!


Revlon Professional®

If you really want to impress your loved ones with your gifts to them this year, the Eksperience™ hair gift sets are the perfect option for the most demanding clients who are in search of an at-home wellbeing experience packed with luxury and professional results. Having dry hair is one of the most common concerns for many clients; to respond to this need, the best ally is the Eksperience™ Hydro Nutritive range, to provide deep nourishment and hydrating action. Discover the Eksperience™ Hydro Nutritive set and become a fan of the Eksperience™ Hydro Nutritive Hydrating Hair Cleanser and the Eksperience™ Hydro Nutritive Hydrating Hair Mask. To get those curls, rebellious and frizzy hair under control, the best solution is Eksperience™ Wave Remedy set, which includes an Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti-Frizz Hair Cleanser and the Eksperience Wave Remedy Anti-Frizz Hair Mask that provide hydration and definition for your curls. For clients whose main concern is to maintain their hair color as long as possible, our Eksperince™ Color Protection hair gift set will be their go-to products. It consists of a Color Sealing Mask and a Color Intensifying Hair Cleanser that create a protective barrier for an intense hair color that lasts longer.

This holiday season, our hair ideas cannot be missing in the shelves of your hair salon. They are ideal for every member of the family and will meet every hair type need. Pamper your loved ones during this season of giving and receiving with our hair gift sets. Place your order on PROSHOP at your convenience, and get your hands on the most wanted hair gift sets on time for this festive season.