The Most Fashionable Hair Colors for Your Clients in 2024

January 2, 2024

Do you have a salon full of fashionistas? You might not have that clientele yet but 2024’s hair color trends are all about bold, bright, futuristic colors paired with textured haircuts. We have just the looks and trends that you need to know, so let’s dive in!

We know you’re busy but put that color brush down for just a few minutes while we inspire you to try these striking new looks that your clients will be posting all over their socials! If they haven’t got that camera ready, then make sure you do! These 2024 hair color trends will help bring in new clients and empower your salon.

Muted Metallics

Who doesn’t love a metallic hair color transformation? These reflective,  eye-catching tones are perfect for your experimental clients. A cool-toned sterling shade is the perfect option for pale skin with cool undertones. A metallic violet rose or a mixture of fashion tones and muted silver is the perfect base to suit every skin tone and helps make the bolder colors really stand out.

The muted silver trend can be subtle or bold and that’s why this color doesn’t have to be reserved just for adventurous clients!  Muted metallics can be applied as an all-over color, an accent color to bring together other tones in the hair, or to add a sophisticated edge to pre-lightened hair. We are obsessed with this 2023 hair color and love that you can use Metal-Ice toning filters by Nutri Color™ Filters for direct color. You can achieve gleaming metallic reflections that change according to the light in just 20 minutes. Try shade 1011 Intense Silver, 053 Iced Rose, or better yet, mix the 5 trending tones yourself.



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Coppers and Reds

Everyone loves the vibrancy of reds and coppers so these stunning tones will always be trending! The rich warmth of these colors suits each and every skin tone and eye color and can really accentuate both.

Another key player for 2024 is #VivaMagenta. This hair color is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 and rightfully so! The mix of cool and warm tones brings high dimension and a futuristic edge that is very on trend. Being bold and adventurous is key this year and we are loving seeing all the fun colors. Try shade 500 Purple Red by Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters – Revlon Professional .


Of course, some people prefer a super glossy copper as this look never fails to turn heads. To get the look, try the new Sunset Collection’s rich shade 77.40 Very Intense Medium Copper Blond by Revlonissimo Color Sublime™. It’s perfect for a 2023 hair color makeover and recreates the stunning vibrancy of a sunset. The brand new shades contain the C5 molecule that brings brightness and vibrancy to the color to ensure increased intensity and fade resistance.

Color of the Year

If you haven’t already seen our hair color of the year then where have you been? We understand that salons are busy but believe us, after 1,500 color experts from 26 countries agreed to make this augmented and iridescent shade 2024’s top pick, we are confident that you and your clients will love this Virtual Mauve Blonde Hair Color. It represents the voice of the industry in one AUGMENTED COLOR REALITY™. To try the shade, stock up on 8.222 by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ by Revlon Professional. The very intense permanent  mauve blonde brings dimension with a triple reflected color that adds richness, vibrancy, and more tone expression to showcase an augmented iridescence that your clients will love!


Now it’s your turn to introduce these color trends to your salons and create these fashionable 2024 hair colors. To make sure you have everything, you can stock up by heading to the Revlon Pro Shop. To further empower your salon, go to Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one) and learn more about hair colors and techniques.

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