A practical, ultra-defined short style transmits a striking, exclusive naturalness that enhances the face. The rebellious metallic turquoise trend breaks every mold and floods the streets with color and life. In this look, fantasy takes on an urban form and discovers a very casual way of releasing the expressive strength of a unique, stimulating style. Grab all the tips to get the look!

  1. Apply STYLE MASTERS™ IRON GUARD as a cutting lotion.
    Trace a U-shape section from temple. Isolate the top.
  2. Starting at the front, trace thin vertical sections. Cut at 90°. FLAT CUT.
    Blow dry the underneath area.
    Texturize the ends using a POINT CUT technique.
  3. Using a clipper, define the length of the entire hairline.
    Create a C-shape section. Isolate the top.
    Establish the length, taking vertical sections, working around the head. FLAT CUT.
  4. Starting at the crown, connect the top area using a square layer. FLAT CUT.
    Continue working towards the front of the head.

    Apply MAGNET™ ANTI-POLLUTION DAILY SHIELD on damp hair to protect hair from pollution.

  5. Apply STYLE MASTERS™ LISSAVER as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry and flat iron hair.

    To create the final shape, use STYLE MASTERS™ ENDLESS CONTROL.