Color radiates light. The silky, satin shade that starts with a perfect, pure blonde, blends into several different tones and creates illusions of light that dazzle and shine without losing any of the look’s simplicity.

  • Global Color: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 821 (Mauve Glacé) 10.2 (1+2) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 1: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 212 (Deep Pearl) + 10.2 (1+3) 20 Vol. (6%)
  • Desired shade 2: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 102 (Smokey Silver) + 10.2 (1+3) 10 Vol. (3%)
  1. Pre-lighten the hair with BLONDERFULTM 8 + REVLONISSIMOTM CREME PEROXIDE 20 Vol. (6%).

    Starting at the back, apply the lightener to lengths and ends on very fine horizontal sections.

  2. Use papers to make application clean and easy. Work around the entire head.

    Apply the lightener to the roots. Once the desired level of lightening has been achieved, apply BLONDERFULTM 5 SOFT TONERTM.

  3. Apply global color to the roots. Section the hair.

    Starting at the back, weave narrow sections with a zigzag movement. Alternate global color and the desired shades, leaving out thin slices in between.

  4. Continue with the same technique on the sides, taking the sections slightly downward toward the back.

    Use STYLE MASTERS LISSAVERTM as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry and flat iron the hair.

    Finish the desired shape using STYLE MASTERS MEMORY SPRAYTM and STYLE MASTERS MODULARTM hairspray.