The Mullet represents true disruption in horizontal and vertical lines: it is a declaration of intention in the truest glam rock style. Highly refined lines and extravagant, heavy, eye-length bangs with a radical new shape create a finish that converts this look into a cut that engages the senses and produces sublime sensations. Grab all the tips and get the look!

  1. Apply STYLE MASTERS ORBITALTM as a cutting lotion. Section the hair.

    Take diagonal back sections. Using minimal tension, establish the desired length from short to long on one side.

  2. Continue taking diagonal sections. Comb the hair to the front and establish the length of the bangs.

    Establish the desired length. FLAT CUT.

  3. Take a diagonal back section. Lift the hair outwards at a 45 degree angle, taking a guide from above the ear. SLICE CUT.

    Use STYLE MASTERS LISSAVERTM as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry and flat iron the hair.

  4. Texturize the haircut using the DEEP POINT and SLIDE cutting techniques.

    Finish the desired shape using STYLE MASTERS MEMORY SPRAYTM and STYLE MASTERS MODULARTM hairspray.

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