This is a sassy and powerful avant-garde look in contrast with the new metallic rose, a color that is alive with texture, beauty and futuristic candor. It is as technically advanced as it is fresh and casual: highlights in blended shades recreate the very same light effects that add such warmth and have inspired fashion for a more original look.

  • Base color: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 10.2 Vol. (6%)
  • Global color: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 523 (Antique Rose) + 6 (1+1) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 1: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 523 (Antique Rose) + 10.2 (1+3) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 2: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 523 (Antique Rose) 10 Vol. (3%)
  1. Apply the global color to the ends in the nape area.Taking thin diagonal slices, alternate the global color with the desired shades in the middle area around the entire head.
  2. At the top, alternate the global color and the desired shades on different-sized triangular and rectangular sections.
  3. Use STYLE MASTERS IRON GUARDTM as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry the hair. Use STYLE MASTERS LISSAVERTM and flat iron the hair.
  4. Finish the desired shape using STYLE MASTERS FIBER WAXTM.