Short styles have been reinvented to break away from traditional models. Long or very long bangs are the new ally for short hair. A comfortable style for daring women who prefer a more innovative look. Discover the cutting technique and try it yourself!

  1. Apply STYLE MASTERS IRON GUARDTM and STYLE MASTERS LISSAVERTM as a cutting lotion. Section the hair.Take vertical sections, combing the hair parallel to the floor. Cut at 90°. POINT CUT. Over-direct the last two sections.
  2. Establish the length on both sides. POINT CUT.Take diagonal sections. POINT CUT the ends to remove weight on both sides.
  3. Define the outline at the nape. POINT CUT.Through the top area, take vertical sections and cut following the shape of the head. POINT CUT.
  4. Establish the desired length for the bangs. POINT CUT.Use STYLE MASTERS IRON GUARDTM as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry the hair. Apply STYLE MASTERS LISSAVERTM and flat iron the hair.
  5. Texturize the haircut using the DEEP POINT cutting technique.Finish the desired shape using STYLE MASTERS FIBER WAXTM.

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