Here’s the look where beauty gathers momentum in hypnotizing waves and vibrant, free-flowing curls to create a very intense, textured style that reflects a fascinating personality. Discover how to style the fabulous metallic rose trend! It not only revives a very feminine classic but also adds avant-garde touches to the look that create an unequivocally trendy, commercial and highly attractive new light.

  • Color 1: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 523 with 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Color 2: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 523 + 10.2 (1+1) with 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Color 3: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 212 + 10.2 (1+1) with 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Color 4: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 919 + 10.1 (1+1) with 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Color 5: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 102 + 10.1 (1+1) with 10 Vol. (3%)
  1. Add MAGNETTM POLLUTION NEUTRALIZER to the pre-lightening mixture.
  2. Starting at the back, apply pre-lightener to lengths and ends using fine sections.
    Use papers to make application precise and clean. Work around the entire head.
  3. Use BLONDERFULTM 7 or BLONDERFULTM BLONDE UP with 20 Vol. (6%). Leave the process until the desire level 10 is reached.
  5. Starting at the back, take 2 cm sections, alternating the five different shades.
    Use papers for a clean application.
    Add MAGNETTM ANTI-POLLUTION DAILY SHIELD on damp hair to protect hair from pollution.
  6. Use STYLE MASTERS FANATICURLSTM as a blow dry lotion.
    Create small curls using a curling iron. Alternate directions when creating the curls.
  7. To add shine, apply STYLE MASTERS GLAMOURAMATM.
    Apply UNIQONETM to smooth the curls.
  8. Start to create the desired shape by separating the curls.
    To create extra volume and hold, apply STYLE MASTERS RESETTM to the root area.
  9. Create the final shape by releasing the curls.
    Apply STYLE MASTERS MODULARTM to add the final hold.