This cool, throwback look is easy to wear, and the use of pigments allows metallic shine and romantic gloss finishes to be revealed under the light. Smart technology brings greater health to a style that continues the XXL trend with striking volume and strength. Volume in light, slightly feathered waves creates a deep, multi-dimensional effect, while subtle touches of interweaved colors add texture and movement to the ends. Take a look and discover the color technique.

  • Global color: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 821 (Mauve Glacé) + 5.12 (1+1) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 1: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 821 (Mauve Glacé) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 2: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 821 (Mauve Glacé) + 8.2 (1+1) 10 Vol. (3%)
  • Desired shade 3: REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUETM 212 (Deep Pearl) + 10.2 (1+1) 10 Vol. (3%)
  1. Create fifteen braided sections, three on top, two on each side and eight at the back.
    Secure each braid by back combing the hair.
  2. Divide the lengths and ends of each section into two parts. Apply the pre-lightener on mid-lengths and ends. Isolate each subsection with papers.

    Apply the global color to the roots. Divide the hair into vertical sections.

    Alternate the three desired shades on lengths and ends.

  3. Apply STYLE MASTERS ORBITALTM as a blow dry lotion. Blow dry the hair.

    Apply UNIQONETM to lengths and ends. Create soft waves using a curling iron. Keep ends straight

    Fix waves with STYLE MASTERS MODULARTM hairspray.

  4. Use STYLE MASTERS RESETTM dry shampoo on roots to boost natural volume.

    Apply UNIQONETM to separate the waves.