Daring copper flashlight based on the flashlight concept, the focus is on the vibrant red shade placed at eye height and on the ends to contrast with the bright copper. Careful placement and blending are essential in this look.

  1. Start by applying RevlonissimoTM Barrier Cream to the hairline to protect the skin, then apply Revlonissimo
    ColorsmetiqueTM 77.40 + 10 Vol. (3%) to the roots. Create a radial section, isolate the front areas and apply
    the color to mid-lengths and ends in the entire back area.
  2. Create the Red Colorstroke effect in the front using the Flashlight technique in 4 steps:

    1. Extend the root color to the eyebrows.

    2. Continue with the red C60 + 30 Vol. (9%).

    3. Next, apply the copper 77.40 + C46 + 30 Vol. (9%).

    4. Finish with red in the ends.

    Leave to process for 40 minutes.

  3. After the processing time, rinse thoroughly and wash hair with Magn±t™ Color Lock Repairing Shampoo.
  4. Treat hair with Magn±tTM Anti Pollution Restoring Mask and finalize the service by applying Magn±t™ Daily
    Shield Spray.
  5. Use Style Masters Modular Mousse™ to blow dry hair and volumize hair, then create soft waves using a large
    curling iron. Finish with Style Masters Modular Hairspray™.