The power of the sea, science and the senses.

Thalassotherapy is an ancient practice that involves the therapeutic use of sea water and marine products such as algae, salt or mineral-rich sea mud, to address a series of beauty and health issues.

Eksperience™ is the first range of professional haircare products to harness this power by creating a world of scalp and hair treatments that are used in tailored wellness rituals to transform a hair beauty treatment into an unforgettable experience.

The Eksperience™ formulas contain the exclusive Aquamaris complex, a combination of marine spring water from off the shores of Noirmoutier Island in France, specific algae and active herbal ingredients which are rich in trace elements, oligopeptides and amino acids. These are mixed with essential oils and vitamin boosters at the start of each treatment to ensure that only the freshest possible products are used in a beauty ritual designed to restore your sense of balance and well-being through a gentle series of gestures and massages.

Discover the world of Eksperience™ scalp and hair treatments:

This multi-step ritual can be tailored to address your specific hair care needs with, fresh treatments for issues including a sensitive scalp, excess sebum, hair loss and dandruff. The Eksperience™ marine algae treatment is combined with a specific essential extract and multivitamin cocktail in the in-salon beauty ritual and you can follow up and maintain the results at home with the specific beauty solutions.

An exclusive range of in-salon products formulated with keratin to repair and reconstruct dry, damaged, porous or brittle hair and restore elasticity and softness. There are two different rituals: a shorter, powerful dose of moisture, or a longer deep keratin treatment.

Boost is a range of highly effective formulas designed as a powerful complement to hair beauty treatments.

The original multi-tasking Boost products are ideal for use at home or in the salon, on their own or in combination with other Eksperience™ products, and are formulated to deep clean the scalp and provide the hair and scalp with a rich cocktail of vitamins developed to boost hair strength.

The innovative new Booster Dose System, available in 4 need-specific formulas, complements this versatility by providing intensive action in salon-exclusive treatments to tailor every hair service to perfection.

This vast assortment of beauty solutions can be used to care for dry, colored, fine or frizzy hair. The specific treatment formulas can nourish and strengthen the hair, protect color, increase body and volume, or control frizz as needed, in tailored in-salon rituals that can also be followed up at home.

Dermatologically-tested Eksperience™ brings exclusive professional hair beauty treatments to the salon ? consult your hairdresser to decide which line is best for you. Trust in science and innovation behind the formulas while you indulge in a ritual that will leave your hair and scalp looking and feeling healthy and nourished.

Welcome to your personal hair Eksperience™.