The long-lasting texture your client has been dreaming of.

Modern life is hectic, and most women don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time getting ready in the morning, particularly if they need to style their hair to mimic a shape and texture that isn’t their own.

Revlon Professional® has developed Lasting Shape™ to offer any woman the texture she wants in a line of in-salon shaping treatments. With 90 days’ satisfaction guaranteed, it reduces the time needed to achieve a flawless, professional finish at home between services.


There are two Lasting Shape™ ranges: Lasting Shape™ Smooth, for frizz-free, straight hair that is sleek and smooth to the touch, and Lasting Shape™ Curly, for defined, flexible curls with a silky, shiny finish. Both ranges provide optimal haircare performance and the key benefits clients look for in shaping treatments thanks to the exclusive KERA-Q System. This combination of keratin amino acids and conditioning agents helps to protect the hair fiber against damage during the salon service.

Lasting Shape™ is the key to helping your client look her best and be right on trend without being a slave to styling tools. Grab your opportunity to show her how to reveal her true personality with a texture and style that reflect her unique inner beauty.