Let the summer begin with Style Masters California Days by Bodil Jane

Constant innovation and the drive to push creative boundaries play a vital role in any artist’s success.

Style Masters™ is the forum for hair professionals who apply their passion, talent and imagination to producing masterpieces in the salon every day and offers them specialist techniques, inspirational imagery and cutting-edge tools. Now, our search for creative freedom is taking us in a thrilling new direction.

California Days by Bodil Jane kick-starts our dream of fostering the exchange of ideas among professionals in different creative fields and is the first in a series of collaborations with graphic artists. We have fallen in love with Bodil’s unique style and energy, and are excited to present this new, limited edition styling range.

Bodil depicts strong, modern characters in the female universe using fine layers of detail and ornamentation. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times and by Penguin Random House, while she has also collaborated with UNICEF and the Van Gogh Museum. This bold Dutch illustrator has created a playful design that reflects the intoxicating vitality of summer for two limited edition styling products that have been formulated with sunflower seed extract to help preserve color and create long-lasting definition in beachy, wavy looks.

Glory Waves
This texturizing wave spray is ideal for mid-length hair. It defines and enhances long-lasting, natural waves, providing texture and body while controlling frizz and volume to leaving hair soft, flexible and manageable. This versatile formula can also refresh any type of curl by simply spritzing it on dry hair and using a diffuser to achieve the desired shape and volume.

Molding Cream
The secret to artfully created messy styles, this cream is formulated with low melting point waxes
for a weightless, non-greasy, non-sticky finish and provides long-lasting hold and control. Use it to enhance natural beachy waves on medium-length and long hair or achieve more structured
looks on short hair.

California Days by Bodil Jane is a powerful complement to the Style Masters™ range and the key to breezy summer looks. Free your creativity this year with the wavy, curly looks you never thought possible and let the summer begin!