Join our Redvolution.

Reds are back, hitting the streets in a celebration of passion, creativity and vital energy. Women all over the world are embracing graphic shapes and seamless color effects created with the latest palette of vibrant reds and coppers.

Revlon Professional™ has everything you need to explore your creative possibilities and achieve a bold new look that reflects unique beauty and strength. Our extensive research and expertise have allowed us to develop high-performance formulas that contain specific C5 colorants with high affinity to the hair fiber and allow professional hairdressers to create a range of stunning red, copper and burgundy shades that maintain their intensity and vibrancy for longer.

Take a closer look at the portfolio of Revlon Professional™ products for reds and coppers and decide which will be your allies in your personal Redvolution.

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ offers an extensive selection of long-lasting reds and coppers that contain specific C5 colorants for intense, vibrant results. Achieve the most beautiful reds in the world with the guarantee of high performance in color, care and shine.

Explore the ammonia-free red and copper shades by Color Sublime by Revlonissimo™ that are ideal for long-lasting, natural-looking color results thanks to the C5 colorants in their formula. Why not discover the new Rising Bloom fragrance? Created to transform every color service into a unique sensory hair color experience, it will inspire you to unleash your bold side in the salon.

Nutri Color™ Creme is our 3-in-1 cocktail of color, care and shine and the solution for refreshing reds and coppers or adding a bold pop of color in minutes.

The sulfate-free 2-in-1 conditioning shampoos in the exclusive Revlonissimo Total Color Care™ 45 Days range help to maintain and enhance the vibrancy and depth of colored hair. The all-round care and protection provided by the Intense Coppers or Brave Reds formulas deliver the care your color deserves.

Don’t wait for change. Make it happen.

Create Boldly. Live Boldly.