It is well known that hair lightening continues to be one of the most demanded in-salon services, but depending on the desired result and the negative effect that pollution has during technical services, the results might turn out in strands pushed to the limit and damaged at a deeper level. Now it is possible to improve strand appearance during a hair lightening service using our Magnet™ & Blonderful™ ranges. Master how to face possible lightening challenges and which Revlon Professional® products to use for top-level hair salon results.



Do blondes really have more fun? Clients continue asking for personalized blonde looks, forcing the hairstylist to constantly keep up with the latest blonde trends. They want to lighten their hair more and more in every appointment but how is this possible without damaging hair strands? Hair bond builders are giving coloring artists extra confidence to protect and repair hair fibers after a technical service for a strong and healthy-looking blonde mane.

Listen up, there are 3 hair lightening challenges and hair care solutions you should know about before you lighten up. Our innovative Blonderful™ and Magnet™ lines’ products are what you need to overcome any hair lightening challenge while providing extra hair care protection. Secure your client’s mane during a hair lightening service using our Magnet™ Pollution Neutralizer with Polluplex™ System to protect hair keratin while fighting pollution, an invisible cause of damage during a lightening service. Prevent hair breakage due to strands’ poor condition with our Blonderful™ Bond Defender with Plexforce Inside™ to preserve hair structural bonds. And last but not least, recover hair after a lightening service with Magnet™ Color Lock Repairing Shampoo to fight mineral build-up in poor-quality rinsing water.

Elevate your lightening routine with our transversal Plex technologies by Revlon Professional® for lightened hair 3X stronger*.