Fabulous hair for fabulous women.

At Revlon Professional®, we think every woman deserves to look and feel her best every day. A big part of this is knowing that not only is your hair healthy, but it looks fabulous, too.

Your hairstyle is the reflection of who you are, but no two women are the same: you need specific care products that bring out your unique beauty and leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Who better to guide you than your hairdresser? Revlon Professional® has developed Be Fabulous™, an extensive, multi-care range sold exclusively in hair salons that is formulated with advanced ingredients to build on your stylist’s expertise and ensure you enjoy spectacular, healthy-looking hair. A professional diagnostic method is used to identify your unique haircare needs and design the treatment routine that works best for you.

Discover our formula for fabulous hair in an experience that begins in the salon and continues at home with the range of maintenance products that repair your hair and enhance its youth and beauty with fabulous softness, moisture and shine.


Be Fabulous™ Hair Recovery:
The Hair Recovery treatment is a 4-step ritual developed exclusively for use in salons to provide intense nourishment and repair for dry and very damaged hair in a ritual that turns back the clock on damage and premature aging. The homecare products are formulated using the same technology to prolong your pride in your fabulously soft, shiny hair.

Be Fabulous™ Daily Care Normal/Thick Hair:
Your hair needs daily protection against factors that can leave it looking less than spectacular. This range helps to maintain the hair’s natural moisture levels, protect color, combat the signs of aging and improve its overall appearance.

Be Fabulous™ Daily Care Fine Hair:
There’s no need to struggle to achieve body and volume: this range moisturizes the hair fiber, helping to repair and protect it against breakage while enhancing its natural radiance for gloriously full styles and fabulous hair that looks thicker and younger.

Be Fabulous™ Texture Care Smooth Hair:
Straight or straightened hair can be prone to split ends and frizz, giving it a dull, lifeless appearance. These formulas help to smooth the cuticle, increase resistance to damage and breakage and protect your hair against UV rays and color fade.

Be Fabulous™ Texture Care Curly Hair:
Whether your hair is naturally curly or has had some help from the experts, it needs specific care products that help combat frizz and improve moisture levels to revive and define curls and waves.

Feel free to embrace your individuality and celebrate the fabulous woman you are – Be Fabulous™ has you covered.