#CreateBoldly #LiveBoldly

Social networks and blogs provide instant access to fashion trends and movements that were previously broadcasted only in magazines, on the catwalk or on television. Today, we live in a world of constant updates in which changes in fashion and cosmetics can have a greater impact on a wider audience in seconds.

Hair color is now considered another fashion accessory, the new makeup. People are no longer surprised to see tangerine tips, pink highlights, purple streaks or a bold blonde shade – clients know that the more striking their style is, the more attention they attract.

This opens the door to a world of different tastes and creative possibilities, allowing women to freely express their passion, optimism, strength and style. These values reflect the Revlon Professional® philosophy that encourages stylists and their clients all over the world to #CreateBoldly and #LiveBoldly.

Revlonissimo™ Cromatics is the embodiment of this attitude. This versatile range is formulated with direct color pigments to enable stylists to offer their clients a service that achieves exceptional, intense results. It is ideal for enhancing and personalizing the Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ shades or creating the stunning fantasy looks that bolder clients are looking for.

This one-step color system comes in four vibrant shades: Tangerine Red, Fire Red, Purple Red and Purple Aubergine. With no need to lighten the hair before use, you can achieve fantasy highlights and intense tones on both natural and dyed hair in minutes.

Offer your clients the freedom to #LiveBoldly.
Offer your clients Revlon Professional®.