Committed to vibrant color. Dedicated to results.

Deeply rooted in the Revlon Professional brand is color expertise and a love for vibrant personal expression. The continuous color creations and innovations are a testimony to this commitment. The complete Revlon Professional® Magnet™ range with Polluplex system stays true to this tradition: empowering bold color expressions by fighting the effects of pollution that stand in the way.
The Polluplex™ System is an advanced combination of chelating agents, antioxidants, keratin reinforcers and shield ingredients to fight pollution in every step of the service.

Step 1: Neutralize the metals
Metallic particles deposit daily on our hair and interact badly with hydrogen peroxide, greatly compromising the end result.
In this video, learn how Magnet™ Pollution Neutralizer can capture and erase the metallic particles and reveal true color during coloring & lightening services.

Step 2: Cleanse the hair fibers
In poor water quality regions, mineral salts can cause lime to deposit on hair during rinsing, leaving it dull and with a rough touch. Discover in this video how the two shampoos of the Magnet™ range can help reveal a smoother and more manageable fiber.

Step 3: Protecting hair and color
Once freed from pollution, you want to protect the fibers from further pollution.
Explore in this video the effects of Magnet™ Anti-Pollution Daily Shield and how it creates a lightweight barrier for hair and scalp to keep pollutants at bay.

All members of the Magnet™ family with its Polluplex™ system work in synergy to shield hair from pollution and reveal true, vibrant color.