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Style Masters™

California Days Limited edition
By Bodil Jane

A limited edition range that kick starts our dream of fostering collaboration between hairdressers and graphic artists from all over the world. Focusing on the female universe, Bodil Jane depicts modern, strong characters and uses delicate ornamentation to create the fine layers of detail that characterize her art.

Style Masters™

California Days
Limited Edition

Discover the limited edition California Days, a range of hair products for the summer.
Formulated with sunflower seed extract, they help to preserve color and provide long-lasting, defined waves.

Style Masters™

Glory Waves

A texturizing wave spray to create natural waves on mid-length hair. Defines and enhances long-lasting waves while providing texture and body. It controls frizz and volume, leaving hair soft, flexible and manageable.

Available in 150 ml.

Style Masters™

Molding Cream

A light molding cream to provide extra texture for artfully-created messy styles.
Formulated with low melting point waxes for a weightless, non-greasy feeling, it provides long-lasting hold and control.

Available in 85g.