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Revlonissimo™ Technics

The perfect complement for any technical service.

A full range specially developed to
provide the ultimate pampering
experience for your clients in every
step of the color service.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Creme Peroxide

High-quality oxidizers suitable for any mixture ratio will ensure the success of every coloring and bleaching services.

Available in 900ml.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Post Color Shampoo

The final touch for perfect color.
An in-salon exclusive coloring shampoo that helps to protect and prolong color.

Available in 1000ml.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Anti-porosity Milk

Porosity equalizer.
A protective and caring treatment that renders even chemically treated hair smooth and uniform. For use before and after a technical service

Available in 250ml.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Barrier Cream

Protective skin cream.

Available in 100ml.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Color Clean

Removes color stains.

Available in 100ml.

Revlonissimo™ Technics

Color Remover

Color corrector for oxidation hair color.

Available in 2x100ml.

The pollution shield for vibrant hair color.

Learn how to improve your color results