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Pro You™ Styling

The essence of your hair.

Pro You™ is the ideal choice for salons that seek professional formulas with guaranteed performance and reliable results.

It is a comprehensive range that includes versatile finishing products designed to cover the styling needs of every hair type that enable hairdressers and clients to enhance specific looks, provide structure and long-lasting hold, and leave the hair shiny and manageable.

Pro You™ Styling


Curly or straight? It depends on the day...

Pro You™ Styling Texture

Substance up Volumizing and Disciplining

Provides volume and body, especially to fine hair. Revitalizes and nourishes the hair fiber, while giving definition and control for styling.

• Adds volume and discipline.
• Natural-looking shine.
• Washes out easily.

Available in 350ml.

Pro You™ Styling Texture

Scrunch Curl Activator

Perfect for creating long-lasting curls and controlling curly hair by providing maximum definition and softness.

• Soft, natural-looking curl control.
• Smooth curl separation with natural shine.
• Softens frizz and gives definition.

Available in 350ml.

Pro You™ Styling Texture

Liss Hair Straightening Balm

The perfect choice for temporary the straightening: leaves your hair straighter for longer, and soft and silky to the touch.

• Remarkable straightening power.
• Reduces the effects of static electricity.
• Hair is shinier and straighter for longer.
• Softens curly and wavy hair, reducing frizz.

Available in 350ml.

Pro You™ Styling Texture

Strong Hair Gel

Longer-lasting maximum hold.

• Alcohol-free formula.
• Natural-looking, shiny finish.
• Leaves no residue.

Available in 350ml.