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Pro You™ Care

The essence of your hair.

Pro You™ is the ideal choice for salons that seek professional formulas with guaranteed performance and reliable results. It is a comprehensive range that includes need-specific shampoos and treatments in convenient, salon-sized and retail formats.

Pro You™ Care


For hair with highlights or treated with oxidation dye, semi-permanent color or bleach. Helps colored hair to recover its original beauty, resulting in radiant color that is protected against external aggressions.

Pro You™ Care

Color Shampoo

A revitalizing shampoo for all types of colored hair. Formulated with flavanoid-rich ingredients to provide a barrier against color loss and restore the hair’s original beauty.

Available in 1000ml./350ml.

Pro You™ Care

Color Treatment

This nourishing color treatment contains a natural polymer and UVA/UVB solar filters that help to protect the hair against color loss.

Available in 500ml.