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About us


Bold is an attitude
you can’t argue with.
A look that leaves its mark.
A style that turns heads.
A force inside every woman,
different every time.

Since the 1930’s, Revlon has been revolutionizing glamour and beauty with bold color, from the introduction of the first nail polish to today’s iconic Super Lustrous™ lipstick.

Revlon has inspired generations of women by being at the forefront of beauty: from its boundary-breaking representation of the independent, charismatic women of the 70’s, to the electrifying supermodels of the 90’s or the celebration of the diverse community of empower women today.

Revlon champions strong, real women who express their personality in an unapologetic, confident way.

Women whose haircut, hairstyle and colors are heroes that add character instead of replacing it.

Revlon Professional, as part of this revolution, brings innovative products to professionals and women who set bold goals, creates for the fierce who style without artifice, and unleash the bold in them. To create boldly. To live boldly

Today revealing beauty means looking at any woman and seeing the best of her personality. It’s about knowing exactly how to make her shine with a style that’s entirely her own.

Revlon Professional® is the choice for stylists who understand that every woman is unique. We inspire you to design a look as individual as their beauty, in a world in which the concept of beauty is infinite and exciting. Unleash the boldness in every woman and in you.

Create Boldly. Live Boldly.